End Of The Day Round-Up

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By Legal Cheek on

Law student pleads guilty to exotic bird’s beheading death at Vegas casino [Mail Online]

“No counsel knowing anything about this area of the law could put forward such an argument” [Bailii via Adam Wagner]

Rabid lawyers reap terror (see comments) on hapless underpaid journalists [UK Human Rights Blog]

Christian lawyer found guilty of using her daughter, 14, to entice men for 3somes, which she filmed [Mail Online]

Guantánamo Bay is still open, but the Bush-era of legal blackholes is finally coming to a close [The Telegraph]

‘Being a judge in the modern world’: Lord Carnworth of the Supreme Court, Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, Lord Justice Leveson…and young Shami, a civil liberties campaigner and former Home Office barrister [Alrich Blog]

Access to justice is kicking off debate in 2013 [New Law Journal]