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Top criminal law professor’s tweet calling out Daily Mail Jo Cox headline goes viral

Tabloid reporting branded ‘disgusting’ by Twitterati

Nov 25 2016 9:32am

The reaction to the Brexit legal challenge judgment has been crazy

Tension between lawyers and tabloids reaches fever pitch

Nov 4 2016 10:59am

14 berserk Mail Online comments about Judge Peter Bowers following his decision not to jail a sex offender

Last year Crown Court Judge Peter Bowers caused outrage by stating that burglary required courage....

Oct 21 2013 1:39pm

10 of the most unhinged comments about lawyers to ever grace the Mail Online

What with Robert Colover‘s labelling of a paedophile’s victim as “predatory”, the emergence of Barbara...

Aug 14 2013 9:53am

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 23 January

Lindsay Lohan’s new lawyer is sponsored by ‘foodie socialite’ to allow him to represent her...

Jan 23 2013 9:24am

Morning Round-Up: Monday 21 January

Threat to the courts system as barristers google jurors then alter speeches to win sympathy...

Jan 21 2013 9:18am

Morning Round-Up: Friday 18 January

A lawyer’s amazingly detailed analysis of Bilbo’s contract in The Hobbit [Wired] Former Leeds University...

Jan 18 2013 9:18am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 17 January

In defence of the existing law on social media [UK Criminal Law Blog] High street...

Jan 17 2013 9:17am

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 16 January

When I get that feeling, I want sexual billing [Above the Law] Judges’ respect for...

Jan 16 2013 9:20am

Morning Round-Up: Monday 14 January

Allen & Overy chief backs apprenticeships  “so long as standards are upheld” [The Independent] Drop...

Jan 14 2013 9:22am

End Of The Day Round-Up

Law student pleads guilty to exotic bird’s beheading death at Vegas casino [Mail Online] “No...

Jan 11 2013 6:32pm

End Of The Day Round-Up

Female solicitor told not to have a relationship or babies by boss, tribunal hears [The...

Jan 9 2013 6:48pm

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 9 January

Chris Grayling: Using same old probation services to cut reoffending is madness [The Telegraph] Foreign...

Jan 9 2013 9:28am

Morning Round-Up: Tuesday 8 January

Barristers ‘among the most dangerous drivers on the road’, study finds [Mail Online] Smug Clifford...

Jan 8 2013 9:46am

End Of The Day Round-Up

Indian bar must represent Delhi gang rape defendants, says Bar Council [The Lawyer] Revealed: Prince...

Jan 7 2013 6:26pm

Morning Round-Up: Monday 7 January

Linklaters associate who died during triathlon may have suffered the same condition as Bolton Wanderers’...

Jan 7 2013 9:11am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 3 January

Allen and Overy warns of new year Christmas party hangover [Metro] Lawyer, 51, moves back...

Jan 3 2013 9:43am

Morning Round-Up: Wednesday 2 January

The real-life Legally Blonde: Law student who spent thousands on becoming a living Barbie doll...

Jan 2 2013 8:45am

End Of The Day Round-Up

How to abuse people on Twitter and get away with it [The Guardian] Michael Douglas’s...

Dec 19 2012 7:13pm

End Of The Day Round-Up

DPP’s interim guidelines for social media prosecutions embargoed til midnight. But Twitter Joke Trial barrister...

Dec 18 2012 6:18pm

Morning Round-Up: Friday 14 December

Law firms suffer worst quarter since 2010 [Financial Times (£)] Doubt over City law firm...

Dec 14 2012 9:32am