Podcast: How Far Should Bar Hopefuls Follow Their Dreams?

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Incredibly, Yusuf Solley landed the first pupillage he applied for – with the Government Legal Service (GLS) then paying his way through the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). But despite being involved in some fantastic work at, amongst other departments, the Attorney-General’s Office, Solley yearned to be on his feet in court…

So after qualifying as a barrister with the GLS, he quit to do a third six pupillage at Tooks, the chambers of legendary criminal lawyer Michael Mansfield.

Over a warm can of Fosters or two, Solley talks to Legal Cheek‘s Kevin Poulter and Alex Aldridge about how it’s all working out for him.

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Curious. Does anyone know *when* he qualified? I seem to recall that when applying to become a member of the law society, prior to being admitted, you have to declare any convictions, including any which are spent. I know that in my peer group there were a couple of students who had to go and have personal interviews with the Law Society to be allowed in – one, I think, had been given a caution as a teenager and the other had a very old conviction for fare-dodging. In both cases they were allowed in, but in both cases the convictions were sufficiently old that that they were spent and would not have had to be disclosed for most jobs. It appears that the Law Society / SRA got it wrong on this occasion.


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