Harlem Shake Reaches The Legal Profession – But Which British Lawyers Will Be First To Embrace Craze‏?

By LC on

If you’re not familiar with the ‘Harlem Shake’, fear not: all you really need to know is that it’s the latest internet sensation à la Gangnam Style. And something to do with an eighties dance move, a song currently in the charts, and a follow-up viral video featuring four masked men dancing wildly. People have gone nuts for it, with thousands of videos popping up all over the web since the beginning of the month, starring everyone from the Norwegian Army to Cambridge University students (see below).

As yet there are no UK law student or lawyer Harlem Shake videos, but several US law schools have created their own versions. This courtroom-based performance from Florida State University Law School is my favourite…

Cornell Law School’s effort is also worthy of mention.

With the above for inspiration, it’s surely a matter of time before Britain’s law students come up with their own Harlem Shakes. Expect the country’s solicitors and barristers to follow soon after, guided, perhaps, by the choreography in this magnificent Harlem Shake office clip.