Author: lucy-pether

This sign for the toilets in the Royal Courts of Justice goes beyond everyday sexism

Female advocates, male non-advocates and wheelchair users are all flummoxed by this sign for the toilets at the Royal Courts of Justice

Jul 25 2014 1:55pm

How to tell your parents that you failed your exams

Simple: present them with some even worse news to soften the blow… Hat tip to...

Jul 17 2013 1:21pm

Could the ‘Desk Safari’ craze spread to law?

So far, justice secretary Chris Grayling is the only representative of the legal profession to...

Jun 20 2013 10:01am

6 animals that look like Chris Grayling

Some have lampooned Chris Grayling for his lack of a legal qualification. Others have sought...

May 23 2013 2:04pm

The Anonymous Twitter Account Causing A Storm Among Nation’s Law Students

Law students don’t get out much, preferring instead to pour their energies into work –...

Mar 27 2013 9:52am

Unlikely Piece Of Law Firm Artwork Of The Week

Amid the corporate swirls and twee etchings at HowardKennedyFSi’s offices, where the Legal Cheek team...

Mar 1 2013 4:51pm

‘We Need Some More Girls In Here: There’s Too Many Man, Too Many Many Man’ In The UK Supreme Court

The news that the latest three appointments to the Supreme Court are all men means...

Feb 27 2013 10:27am

Harlem Shake Reaches The Legal Profession – But Which British Lawyers Will Be First To Embrace Craze‏?

If you’re not familiar with the ‘Harlem Shake’, fear not: all you really need to...

Feb 20 2013 12:30pm