Beware the Twitter wrath of the disgruntled mini-pupil

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A mini-pupil has given a memorable demonstration of work experience disenchantment in the social media age, taking to Twitter on Wednesday to detail his pain at being “abandoned” by the barrister he was shadowing.

The full rant — with the author’s identity concealed — is below…

It began so well.


But the next day things took a turn for the worse.

Mini1-anon# Mini2-anon# Mini3-anon# Mini4-anon# Mini5-anon# Mini6-anon#

OK, so the kid may be a bit grouchy, but, as many lawyers often forget of work experience students, he has forked out a fair bit of cash in order to be able to do the placement.


And he’s not being given anything to help him offset that cost.


So perhaps a little bit of public moaning is excusable.

Mini9-anon# Mini10-anon#

Happily, things improved yesterday.