14 berserk Mail Online comments about Judge Peter Bowers following his decision not to jail a sex offender

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By Thomas Connelly on

Last year Crown Court Judge Peter Bowers caused outrage by stating that burglary required courage. So, on Friday, when Bowers decided against jailing a sex offender because his crime — committed more than 15 years ago when the defendant was aged 16-18 and suffering from a head injury — represented “water under the bridge”, the Mail Online comments section predictably erupted. Here are 14 of the most memorable contributions…

1. Let’s ridicule Bowers’ appearance!


2. Let’s beat him up!


3. Let’s hang him!


4. Let’s demonstrate a really poor understanding of apostrophe usage!Judge14

5. Let’s bring the Nazis into this!Judge13

6. Let’s question the legitimacy of the judicial appointment process!Judge2

7. Let’s use this as an opportunity to put forward my top judge credentials!Judge3

8. Let’s turn this into an NHS issue!Judge7

9. Let’s save money by getting rid of judges!Judge8

10. Let’s make implausible assumptions about Bowers’ mental health and sack him if he fails to disprove them!Judge6

11. Let’s use this as an opportunity to showcase that “counselling” pun!Judge9

12. Let’s libel him without even bothering to use Spell Check!Judge10

13. Let’s commence a mad witch hunt against him!Judge11

14. Let’s be really, really pessimistic about the future of this country!Judge12

And finally — from the same article — a comment not directed at Bowers himself, but which it would be a shame to leave out.