Podcast: Do you have a better chance of landing a training contract if you do your law degree in London?

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The growing separation between recovering London and the struggling rest of the country poses an interesting question for wannabe lawyers: is it currently an advantage to be studying in the capital — with its universities’ links to top international law firms — than in the relatively moribund regions?

Recent Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) law graduate Lewis Powers (pictured above with Legal Cheek‘s Kevin Poulter) reckons it is…

Not only do London-based students have an edge in terms of networking, says Powers, who’s currently applying for training contracts while working in QMUL’s career centre, but they’ve benefited from seeing big name speakers at events and, more generally, being exposed to the cut-and-thrust of life in a big city.

But what about the higher cost and general hassle of London, not to mention the difficulties associated with being a small fish in a big pond?

Powers, Poulter and Legal Cheek editor Alex Aldridge explore these issues in the podcast below — which is also available on iTunes.