The end of the day round-up

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By Thomas Connelly on

tumblr_inline_mxhp92hVEy1s4gm40The Bar’s worst chambers profile pics [Your Barrister Boyfriend]

The first same-sex weddings in England and Wales can take place from 29 March 2014 [BBC News]

British politicians’ Christmas cards (featuring two lawyers) ranked from worst to best [BuzzFeed]

Distraught widower who burned £68,000 of his estranged wife’s cash in a “fit of grief” is sued by her lover for a share of the estate [Mail Online]

One (hacked?) law student has had enough… [Facebook]

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PIP breast implant boss Jean-Claude Mas set to appeal after court jails him [The Independent]

Police left red-faced after video emerges of crash with Ferrari whilst performing u-turn [The Telegraph]

A letter from Lord Shagger on matters legal [Charon QC]

“Bollox to you’s all. #loosers” [Legal Cheek comments]

Heard in court [Facebook]