Queen’s University Belfast law graduate apologises after drinking goldfish in NekNominate video

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By Alex Aldridge on

Aspiring solicitor who consumed pet expresses regret on Facebook.

A Queen’s University Belfast law graduate has become the first wannabe lawyer casualty of the NekNominate craze after a video of her drinking a goldfish provoked disgust on social media.

In the clip, which has been removed from the internet, 24 year-old Rachel Carey can be seen showing the goldfish to the camera, before dropping it into her drink and swallowing it.

Currently on a gap year in Australia after graduating from her LLB last year, Carey is believed to be set to embark on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) having secured a training contract, with the Mail Online describing her over the weekend as a “trainee solicitor”.

Amid widespread anger at the stunt, Carey has issued this official-sounding apology on her Facebook page:

Carey’s NekNominate controversy follows the media storm which engulfed district judge Rosemary Watters last week after a video of her downing a shot and saying “I neck and nominate you” was discovered by the press.

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