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The Mitchell judgment* has triggered an explosion of litigation, with arguments raging over the meaning of various words and phrases contained within it. Wigapedia marks the fall-out from a decision that has shocked the legal world with a commemorative bingo card.



Just print out this handy bingo card and mark off each word or phrase when said by you, your opponent or your judge.


A Single line: Two week extension to serve your witness evidence

Full house: Other sides case struck out and 20% uplift on your fees

Bingo Edit

*The Mitchell judgment saw the Court of Appeal uphold a decision to deny the law firm representing Tory MP Andrew Mitchell its £500K costs in the “Plebgate” libel action because it submitted budget documents a few days late. As is explained in ‘6 qualities that wannabe litigators must possess following the Jackson reforms’, the ruling has put the frighteners on litigators throughout the land, with its effect likely to be felt for some time yet.


Not Amused

You could do a story on how it has also clogged up the courts with unnecessary hearings. Those responsible do not appear to have foreseen that these applications may take up court time.


E Green

I almost managed the full house on a costs case management conference yesterday without any application for relief from sanction, which I found quite impressive … One mention of the word Mitchell and I thought the DDJ was about to run a mile. We ended up with a reasoned judgement stretching a full A4 page simply to say that he thought the budget was ok.


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