Author: wigapedia

Barristerspeak decoded: A guide for solicitors, students and clients

Legal Cheek’s resident funny man Wigapedia returns with another helpful translator

Jul 25 2018 12:17pm

How many barristers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Bar funnyman Wigapedia returns to Legal Cheek to answer an age-old question...

Mar 15 2018 10:22am

Decoding the language of barristers’ conferences

The venerable Wigapedia returns to Legal Cheek to translate counsel-speak

Dec 8 2017 9:51am

A poem: ‘Oh, I wish I’d looked after me brief!’

Legal Cheek's resident funny man Wigapedia returns with an ode to barristers' briefs

Jun 2 2017 10:23am

Language of the law decoded: The litigation edition

The revered Wigapedia returns to Legal Cheek for his 2017 jargon buster

May 2 2017 8:58am

The Secret Diary of Liz Truss (aged 38¾)

A sneak peak into the working week of our embattled Lady Justice

Dec 2 2016 10:02am

Language of the legal directory decoded: the 2016 edition

The venerable Wigapedia returns to make his annual translation of the Legal 500

Sep 28 2016 1:35pm

Your Presentation Feedback Translator

With the courts closed and the legal profession in holiday mode, what better opportunity to do lots of pointless presentations?

Aug 4 2015 1:48pm

What the supervisor says Vs What the trainee hears

Junior and senior lawyers speak a different language

Jun 4 2015 11:06am

A letter from Michael Gove: ‘Being Lord of The Chancellors is a really great job’

The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, newly-appointed Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, writes exclusively for Legal Cheek (aided only slightly by Wigapedia)

May 22 2015 10:19am

What judges say Vs. what judges mean

"I consider this application, in accordance with the Overriding Objective" = "Eeeny-meeny-miney-mo"

Feb 4 2015 9:52am

Christmas sing-a-long: ‘Working in a Mitchell Wonderland’

Now for a Jackson reforms-themed Christmas sing-a-long

Dec 22 2014 9:31am

The language of the legal directory: decoded — 2014 edition

Wigapedia returns to make his annual translation of the Legal 500

Oct 10 2014 8:53am

A reading from the Book of Mitchell

Wigapedia draws upon Biblical inspiration to follow the twists and turns of the Jackson reforms

Jul 22 2014 9:12am

7 spectacular legal typos

When jargon goes very wrong indeed...

Jul 3 2014 12:58pm

11 things not to do in a pupillage interview

You’ve made the cut. You’ve secured that pupillage interview. @Wigapedia advises on what you should NOT do next...

May 27 2014 11:22am

The Mitchell decision and the breakdown of meaning

Following the recent further spate of Mitchell-related decisions, it has been determined after careful study of the ratio in each ruling that judges are simply making this stuff up as they go along.

May 9 2014 9:04am

!Mitchell Bingo!

To celebrate the Mitchell judgment* Wigapedia has created a special commemorative bingo card.

Apr 3 2014 9:14am

What your Instructions say Vs. what they mean

A guide to what instructing solicitors are really telling barristers.

Mar 26 2014 9:25am

‘As a lawyer, I try to relax by practicing Origami…’

The Lawyer-Origami meme has been crying out for a UK caption. Wigapedia does the honours.

Mar 11 2014 9:22am

A legal dictionary for the up-and-coming professional: part two

Wigapedia returns with the second part of his glossary of key legal terms used in practice.

Feb 11 2014 9:48am