Morning round-up: Thursday 29 May

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By Legal Cheek on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts.

NewspapersHere’s an extra six months for calling me “knobhead”: Judge comes down hard on foul-mouthed Wigan robber [Mancunian Matters]

Getting out of jury duty is easy when you’re Madonna [Gawker]

Snowden unlikely to “man up” in face of Espionage Act, legal adviser says [The Guardian]

Edward Snowden: “Sometimes to Do the Right Thing You Have to Break a Law” [New York Magazine]

Former 1 Gray’s Inn Square barrister struck off [The Lawyer]

Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock appears in court in legal battle with drinks firm [The Guardian]

Hill Dickinson launches 12 apprenticeships in Liverpool [Lawyer2B]

City law firms “lead way” on social mobility [Legal Futures]

Pro tip for lawyers: don’t threaten to “anally rape” adversary [Above the Law]

Heard in court [Facebook]

“Drunk, stupid and really a big mistake. But of all the thousands of people and hundreds of law students who post similarly stupid stuff why does Mr. Hoff deserved being singled out?” [Legal Cheek Comments]