Junior lawyer doubles as online underwear model

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By Judge John Hack on

Will colleagues at Winston & Strawn’s London office follow suit by … er … stripping off their suits?


The law’s a load of pants!

Scores of students and young lawyers will have uttered — or even shouted — those words in frustration during exams or poring over page 1,672 of a tedious contract.

But one young US lawyer has taken the concept to a new level by being a part-time pant model.

By day, Dorian S (those Yank lawyers love a middle initial) Thomas is a one-year qualified litigation associate at the New York office of global practice Winston & Strawn.

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But when he’s not being barked at by senior associates and partners keen for him to compile trial bundles that little bit faster, he slips into a pair of multi-coloured briefs, promoting a specific brand across social media site Instagram. Or at least he did until Stateside web site Above the Law flagged up the shots.


Thomas has removed the images from the Instagram account — but not before Legal Cheek snaffled them for your delectation. According to Above the Law, Thomas is pushing TieDye Undies, which promotes itself as creating “a party in your underoos”, whatever that means, and will set you back nearly £25 notes a pair if you buy them on this side of the Atlantic.


Above the Law speculates that the grand poobahs at Winston & Strawn will not be amused by Thomas’s moonlighting, but we trust they will see the positive marketing angles inherent in displaying tight abs and pert buttocks.

Perhaps the firm’s London office managing partner — fellow litigation specialist Michael Madden — should give it a go…