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September picture caption competition

Escaping corporate law

Sep 18 2015 3:32pm

The Judge Rules: Charlotte Proudman should never have let herself become the story

A cannier operator would have exposed 'sexist' message while keeping her identity hidden

Sep 11 2015 9:38am

The former MP, witchcraft and a big fat lawyer bust-up

An anti-child abuse crusader and a top criminal law barrister go hammer and tongs over definition of a witch hunt

Sep 8 2015 9:37am

The Judge Rules: Amal – she’s famous for being a film star’s wife. Get over it

Everyone is fascinated with Mrs Clooney precisely because she is Mrs Clooney

Sep 4 2015 10:15am

Northern powerhouse law firm stands by London’s ‘ugliest’ building

“Walkie Talkie” is now officially the City’s biggest eyesore, but DWF lawyers still love it

Sep 3 2015 3:17pm

The Judge Rules: Bye-bye LPC and training contract, hello unified bar exam

Kaplan’s demise triggers speculation that a streamlined qualification process will arrive sooner than many anticipated

Aug 28 2015 10:30am

August picture caption competition

Legal Cheek revives its occasional series with a romantic image of a young barrister in London town

Aug 27 2015 4:36pm

End of world nigh as City mega legal deals dry up, forecasts top conveyancing specialist

Kent-based high street lawyer who doubles as Law Society President paints gloomy picture of future

Aug 27 2015 3:34pm

That Baroness Hale is a social media pop babe!

Are Supreme Court judges the new reality celebs?

Aug 26 2015 4:20pm

The Judge Rules: Accelerated courses — students need to beware

How much sympathy should we feel for the seven students whose firms dropped training contract offers after they failed BPP’s speedy-LPC?

Aug 21 2015 10:03am

Working class hero leads strike against government legal aid cuts from the tee

Picket line or round of golf? Picket line or round of golf? That’ll be a round of golf, then …

Aug 19 2015 3:32pm

Law comes to the Edinburgh Fringe

It’s not just arty luvvies galore in the Scottish capital at this time of year…

Aug 17 2015 3:27pm

The Judge Rules: Anything less than a 100% qualifying lawyer retention is a law firm fail

Training contracts provide large global practices with a recruitment safety net -- but that’s not good for their businesses

Aug 14 2015 1:27pm

You can have rubbish A-levels and still succeed in legal profession

Legal Cheek Twitter hash tag generates rush of proud responses from those who pissed about at school but still became lawyers

Aug 13 2015 3:56pm

University of Law’s new boss is a closet punk rocker

Chief executive by day, pogoing headbanger by night

Aug 13 2015 9:33am

Superhero update: The Caped Crusader has become a Texas lawyer

Corpus Christi-based personal injury specialist is the real deal -- just check the surname

Aug 12 2015 4:47pm

Wannabe solicitor loses £800k claim for missing out on training contract because of car crash

Judge doesn’t buy line that law firm's alleged negligence caused loss of professional opportunity -- but praises litigant-in-person’s legal skills

Aug 11 2015 11:31am

The Judge Rules: career-focused millennials spell doom for the GDL

Like James Blunt, the law conversion course is just so 2005

Aug 7 2015 12:34pm

The Judge Reviews: Magna Carta mock trial was ‘Love Actually’ for lawyers

A high-powered bench acquitted a group of tax-dodging barons of treason, as the tills went into overdrive in the Palace of Westminster gift shop

Aug 3 2015 2:26pm

The Judge Rules: This holiday, do the London Law Experience

Ministers shouldn’t allow the Royal Courts of Justice to lie fallow for two months -- turn the buildings into a theme park

Jul 31 2015 1:06pm

Rubbish press release: Big data creates a big row

Pompous claims that Moneyball-style analytics can unearth the best litigators leads to Twitter ruck

Jul 30 2015 4:22pm