Junior solicitor-turned-rapper unveils new track about ‘EAT or Pret A Manger’ lunch dilemma

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By Alex Aldridge on

Neither chain represent satisfying choice, concludes lawyer as he recalls unhappy training contract at top City firm.


The latest video has been released from the much-hyped rap album about how much an ex-City lawyer hated his training contract at a top ten global law firm.

In the video to the album’s title track, ‘Square Meal Square Mile’, solicitor ‘Mr Kelly’ (pictured) laments the paucity of lunchtime options available to harried corporate lawyers in London.

The song focuses, in particular, on the dilemma that Mr Kelly used to encounter in respect of whether he dined at EAT or Pret A Manger.

In the end the lawyer, who now works in the public sector, raps of his narrow preference for EAT as “the lesser of two evils”. However, in the video he comes to regret his choice after receiving “tough bread” and “nasty ham”. Matters are made worse by the fact that Mr Kelly “had to eat it on the go because in EAT there was nowhere to sit and no bathrooms either”. He concludes: “That bready pannini made me feel rotten.”

Enjoy the video in full below.

Mr Kelly’s true identity and the name of the firm where he trained remain a mystery. Upon the release of his album earlier this month he told Legal Cheek:

“I was a trainee in a top 10 global firm, one of the largest in world. My training contract was from 2009 to 2011. I’m wary about telling you the name in case they kick up a fuss (the album is about not enjoying being a trainee). I now work as a lawyer in the public sector in London.”

Mr Kelly’s full album is available here.

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