Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Friday 11 July

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts.

newspapers2Scales of justice still unbalanced for female judges [The Guardian]

Emergency phone and internet data laws to be passed [BBC News]

Magistrate jumps from the bench to rescue defendant after she passes out in court [Eastern Daily Press]

Law student helped gang fleece commuters at tube stations across London [Court News UK]

Nobody knows anything [Legal Business]

“Lawyer”: defined [Twitter]

Great opening to a High Court ruling (via @LegalFutures) [Bailii]

Was Lord Denning really so great? [Twitter]

Prisoner proposes to accomplice in Vietnamese courtroom [Thanhnien News]

Monckton raids Doughty Street for five-strong public law team [The Lawyer]

Burglar walks free despite judge saying he ‘thoroughly deserved’ jail [Chronicle Live]

Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo [The Telegraph]

Heard in court [Facebook]

“They seem like the legal profession’s answer to Kanye and Kim” [Legal Cheek Comments]