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By Jessy Howard on

On today’s centenary of the start of the first world war, this photo shows members of the Inns of Court Regiment being drilled in Hertfordshire during the conflict


The Inns of Court regiment dates back to the 1500s when lawyers from the Inns formed associations to defend the country against possible invasion in the wake of the Spanish Armada. In 1803 it was nicknamed ‘The Devil’s Own’ by King George III on account of his dislike for lawyers, with the lawyers later using this as the inspiration for their regimental insignia (pictured below).

Solicitors, barristers, clerks and law students would go on to fight for the regiment during the Boer War, before ‘The Devil’s Own’ took on a largely training role in the first world war, preparing for action 11,000 officer cadets who were then commissioned into their own regiments.

Having served in the second world war, the Inns of Court Regiment was merged in 1961 with the City of London Yeomanry to form the Inns of Court & City Yeomanry.

Image via hemeltoday

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