Author: jessy-howard

Law student summers: expectations vs reality

The time has come to pause and reflect on the past few months

Aug 18 2015 10:00am

11 weirdly passive aggressive things law students say to non-law students

What is it about non-law students that bring out law students' inner Katie Hopkins?

May 28 2015 9:47am

Wannabe solicitor launches ‘class action’ against King’s College re-brand

Students fear dropping "college" from uni's name will hit prestige of their degree -- and they want compensation

Dec 18 2014 9:15am

Will vlawging catch on?

Some students are making decent money out of vlogging, so why are only a handful of wannabe lawyers dabbling in the medium?

Aug 26 2014 9:34am

An 8 step Pinterest guide to what to wear during legal work experience

King’s College London student Jessy Howard reports from the mini-pupillage and law firm work placement front line via Legal Cheek‘s new ‘Lawyer Looks’ Pinterest board

Aug 14 2014 10:06am

Law student who claimed benefits while at uni is given even more work to do

This is what happens when you don't cancel jobseeker's allowance after starting law school...

Aug 11 2014 9:18am

Legal pic of the day

On today's centenary of the start of the first world war, this photo shows members of the Inns of Court Regiment being drilled in Hertfordshire during the conflict

Aug 4 2014 3:31pm