The Ice Bucket Challenge reaches the legal profession at last

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By Thomas Connelly on

Just as the weather turns, solicitors embrace viral summer craze


For those who shun popular culture and are consequently unaware of the ice bucket challenge: it involves having ice cold water poured over you by a friend, family member or workmate — for charity.

The trend, which sees completers of the challenge nominate pals to follow suit, has swept the UK and the US over the summer, raising money largely to support those with motor neurone disease.

To date, everyone from Beckham to Bieber to, er, former US President George W Bush has got involved. But, as is usual during periods when the world is gripped by slightly weird internet crazes, lawyers have looked on cautiously from the sidelines waiting for some bold soul to take the lead.

Step forward — just as the weather turns cold — Phil Scott, a solicitor at Liverpool firm Canter Levin & Berg.

Experience of previous internet trends — such as Gangnam Style videos and Neknominate — suggests that a wave of lawyers will quickly follow Scott’s lead, before someone goes too far and ends up in the tabloids. Note to the legal profession: don’t incorporate goldfish into the challenge.

You can donate to Neurosupport — the charity for which Canter Levin & Berg are raising money — here.


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