The unlucky law firm which went from sharing name with Holocaust denier to sharing name with terrorist group

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David M Irving Solicitors may be rueing its 2007 ‘Isis Legal’ rebrand


Sitting around the executive boardroom with rectangular spectacle-framed brand consultants, the partners of David M Irving Solicitors must have thought they’d nailed it.

Sharing a name with a prominent Holocaust denier hadn’t been ideal, but the opportunity it presented to begin afresh was an exciting one. Still, differentiating yourself from the competition in the modern world of law firm marketing would be a challenge — and stalwart names along the lines of Blogs Smith Jones & Co just don’t cut it anymore.

So let’s have a little of the mood music created by the Egyptian goddess worshipped for depicting all that is right about motherhood and marriage, and also the symbol of nature and magic — a figure of friendship to slaves, sinners, artisans and just about everyone else that has drawn the mucky end of the stick.

Let’s call the firm Isis Legal, they cried, cracking open the champagne and handing over a large cheque to the consultants.

And then along came the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


Obviously there is no connection … just bad luck. Time to get the brand consultants back in?