Lawyer advice to students pondering career in publicly-funded legal sector: don’t

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Law Society-arranged Twitter hashtag conversation spawns depressing assessment of the future of legal aid and public law work


As social media campaigns go, the Law Society’s recently launched #SolicitorHour — which was first aired about a week ago — has seemed a bit vague. Much of the conversation included little more than an opportunity for law firms to market themselves or for recruitment agencies to promote their jobs.

But today Legal Cheek managed to stir a bit of debate about the future of the profession for law students, particularly those that — from some bizarre yearning to do good — are still interested in legal aid and public law work.

His Hon, the Rt Hon, Lord Justice Sir John Hack of Hackshire QC (apologies again to Lord Harley of Counsel) asked the assembled Twitter lawyers this question:

Here are the downbeat responses from those at the coal face

Lee Davies is adamant

And so is Dan Bunting:

Indeed, Debbos goes a step farther:

Lisa Burton-Durham qualifies her negative response slightly:

Tim Collins has a go at being a tiny bit sunnier:

While Alexander Armstrong is completely fatalistic, and also applies a dose of market-led analysis:

The Judge also asked the cyberspace legal masses if they thought there was a future for traditional high street legal practice.

That elicited slightly more positive responses.


The Law Society’s #SolicitorHour is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm.

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