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No laughing matter


Rotherham’s finest comedy duo (depending on taste, of course) — Paul and Barry Elliott, aka the Chuckle Brothers — prove there is now no situation when it is not appropriate to snap a “selfie” and post it on social media for wider delectation (pictured above).

Or maybe not. Having given evidence last Friday at the trial of former BBC DJ and presenter David Lee Travis — who is facing two charges of indecent assault and one of sexual assault — the two decided to squeeze off this number outside London’s Southwark Crown Court.

But, perhaps the renowned funny men had second thoughts, as over the weekend the snap disappeared from Paul’s Twitter feed.

The 69-year-old Travis, whose real name is David Griffin, denies all the charges, and Chuckle Brother Paul reportedly gave evidence in support of the defendant.

He told the jury that when the boys appeared on the bill at the 1990 panto event where the alleged offences were said to have occurred, he had never heard any claims that Griffin had behaved in any way inappropriately.

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