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By Judge John Hack on

You’re nicked


Social media has profoundly changed the relationship between the police and those they would like to have assist with enquires. This latest example comes from New Zealand, where the rozzers in Christchurch received a response on their Facebook page to a notice regarding their desire to arrest Samuel Evan Lake.

Indeed, the response came from one Sam Lake, who cheekily reckons he needs to update his mug-shot. Funnily enough, so do the rousers.

However he wasn’t cocky for long — as within a matter of hours he was tracked down and arrested.

While the internet and social media make this sort of jolly interaction easier, it is by no means the first time alleged criminals have toyed with the forces of the law. Back in dust bowl depression-era America, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were reported to have sent photographs of themselves with a temporarily kidnapped lawman to the newspapers.

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