Ex-poly offers City partner-level wedge to fill junior lawyer slot

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By Judge John Hack on

Recruitment website typo gets hearts racing, but actual salary is far more like what you’d expect


For a brief moment it looked as though the legal recruitment market was experiencing a once-in-a-generation shift, with the City big boys suddenly not the only employers doling out large wadges of the folding stuff.

This advertisement on academia recruitment site jobs.ac.uk indicated that a role as a junior solicitor at the in-house legal department at a former polytechnic offered all the remunerative rewards of a slot round a Square Mile partnership table.

And why not? Nailing devious students for breaching tough anti-plagiarism regulations is an intellectually taxing business. As, undoubtedly, is ensuring students adhere to strict health and safety rules in the lecture halls (take that pencil out of your nostril, Smithers!)

Of course, the human resources executives at Anglia Ruskin University — with campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough — were keeping their options open. If exactly the right sort of high-flying applicant didn’t come along, then they had the scope to reduce the pay-packet by a staggering £382,000.

Unfortunately, this disruptive burst onto the legal recruitment scene seems to have been nothing more than a typo in the advert. Doubtless, there were several very disappointed applicants.