Final 6 go head-to-head in law teacher of the year awards

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By Judge John Hack on

Most students wouldn’t know it existed, but this Oxford University Press gong is a chance for those in the tweed jackets to get a little recognition


Woody Allen’s character in his own film, Annie Hall, pontificated: “Those who can’t do, teach; and those who can’t teach … taught at my school.”

With that profound thought ringing in our ears, Legal Cheek happily flags up the nominees for the 2015 installment of the “Law Teacher of the Year Award”.

Doubtless Allen’s damning indictment in no way applies to the highly talented finalist candidates currently vying for the gong handed out by Oxford University Press. They are:


Last year’s winner was Luke Mason from the University of Surrey. “There is something about acquiring legal learning that is a privilege,” he said in the run-up to the final for next year, adding:

“As a teacher you then have the additional privilege to communicate that knowledge. I am so grateful for this award’s existence, for drawing attention to the fantastic and valuable thing it is to be a law teacher”.

The winner will be announced at an awards event in Oxford on 27 February 2015.