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By Judge John Hack on

Not so looky-likey


If anyone can beat these before-and-after-law-school images, Legal Cheek would like to see evidence.

Taylor Sutton — who travels by the handle of philosoraptocopter on social media site Reddit — runs his own legal practice in Waterloo, Iowa. He’s also a contractor for the state’s public defender office. But apart from practising law in a place bearing the name of a Napoleonic battle and a London railway station, he seems to be unremarkable enough.

Except he posted these images a couple of years ago and they’ve been doing the rounds ever since.


And why not – the shots are a perfect illustration of what three years of law school can do to an otherwise normal and perfectly well adjusted human being.

It is also further proof of that time-honoured line from the 1987 film

“Withnail and I”, uttered by drugs dealer extraordinaire Danny: “I don’t advise a haircut, man. All hairdressers are in the employment of the government. Hair are your aerials. They pick up signals from the cosmos… and transmit them directly into the brain. This is the reason bald-headed men are uptight.”

Baldies and lawyers, that is …