Revealed: people who are interested in law love anchovy paste, budgies and Destiny’s Child

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By Judge John Hack on

Pollsters YouGov produce a ridiculous e-fit of those keen on things legal — pet birds, reindeer steak and Pixie Lott also get a big look in


Set a group of clip-board-toting boffins off on a mission to assess a specific group in society and it’s amazing what nonsense they’ll come up with.

UK polling organisation YouGov has recently released the results of its profiling survey of those in the country it describes as having “a professional interest in the law”.

Those most likely to fall into that category, reports the white lab-coated brigade, are men aged between 18 and 24 in the ABC1 socio-economic group. They are also likely to live in London.

So far nothing special, although frankly the survey is already looking a bit dubious.

However, more entertaining results come when the profilers turn to the typical lifestyle choices made by this group with a keen-as-mustard interest in the law.

According to the researchers, the typical meal enjoyed by this crowd involves a first course of anchovy paste toast, followed by a main dish of sizzling reindeer fillet and finished off with a lovely pudding of chocolate fondant.


Our archetypal man with an interest in the law will then repair to his sitting room to commune with his pet of choice — a caged bird. After that interlude, he’ll invite a chum round for an intense game of chess (actually, by the sound of this geezer, he won’t have any mates, so it’s more likely the opponent will be a computer).

According to these astute researchers, our man’s top three favourite sports are basketball (you what?! — isn’t that netball for American blokes with overactive pituitary glands?), boxing and sailing.

Included in his top-five favourite films are, rather predictably, Grisham novel-based The Firm, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Favourite musical artists include Destiny’s Child (this is getting silly) and Pixie Lott.

His politics lean slightly to the right (there’s always a grain of truth in these things) and he’s fairly likely to have up to a grand in monthly spare income.

Anyone fitting that description, please get in touch — Legal Cheek would love to put you under the microscope.