Law students top the university shagging league

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By Judge John Hack on

If you are studying the law, you are likely to claim to be a Casanova or Anastasia Steele character


You’ve had your suspicions, but now it’s official — law students are the randiest lot at British universities.

And they claim not just to be thinking about having it off, but also to be getting their legs over far more than any of their prude and frigid contemporaries studying other subjects.

A survey released earlier this week shows that a stonking 81% of UK law students claim to be sexually active.

According to the statistical gurus at education research specialists YouthSight, that’s nearly 30% more than the average rate of claimed sexual activity among university students.


The figures — published by online student mag The Tab — show that broadly only half the UK’s student body claims to be getting down and dirty in the actual body department.

But law students are head and shoulders — and a lot of other bits — above even the second place subject, architecture, with only 63% of that discipline’s students claiming to engage in blueprint studies of each other.

Propping up the student shagging league table at the bottom are prospective teachers. Only 23% of those reading education claim to be experimenting in sex lessons.

Neither the researchers nor The Tab speculates on why law students at least claim to be such avid bonkers. But Legal Cheek is on hand to offer an explanation.

After building up hours of stress revising for various potential questions on easements in a looming land law exam, there’s nothing like a rollicking good spot of rumpy-pumpy to let off a bit of steam.

Alternatively, what sounds more entertaining — sitting around contemplating the decreasing likelihood of ever bagging a training contract or pupillage, or suggesting to a fellow traveller that making the beast with two backs will at least temporarily distract both minds from a grim future?

Still, it is difficult to work out why the researchers didn’t return with clipboards full of positive answers amounting to 100% for all subjects. Wouldn’t most students when asked “have you had a shag recently?” respond with a resounding “yes”?