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By Judge John Hack on

Name games


There’s nothing like legal profession jeu de mots to brighten up a chilly early December afternoon, so sit back and enjoy this brace of treats from the US.

First up is Dee Bates. He’s the district attorney for Mississippi’s 14th Judicial District — and we’re sure there ain’t much debate over his prowess in the courtroom when it comes to dealing with local ne’er-do-wells.


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Next is another law firm from south of the Mason-Dixon Line


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The partners at Alabama-based Long & Waite must have dee bated long and hard the sense of sticking with their own names on the plaque, not least considering the firm specilises in the highly limitation-period-sensitive field of personal injury.

But ultimately they clearly thought sod it … Legal Cheek is confident the firm provides a speedy service.

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