Legal profession first — 2 Hare Court barrister reads telly weather

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By Judge John Hack on

Criminal law specialist promotes second series of Judge Rinder by telling the nation that short-term forecast is going to be “terribly cold, terribly wet and thoroughly miserable”


Rob Rinder — the London barrister who has become a daytime reality television phenomenon — again broke fresh ground for the UK legal profession today by arguably becoming the first practicing lawyer to read the weather on a national broadcast.

The barrister — who is currently touting the second series of Judge Rinder — appeared earlier on the ITV news and current affairs sofa-based love-in, Good Morning Britain.

After the usually insightful chin-wag with co-presenters Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, the former informed viewers that it has been the high-flying barrister’s life-long dream to read the weather forecast.


Our man confirmed this and with the enthusiastic alacrity fans of his Judge Judy-like programme will have recognised, he leapt to his feet, sprinting to the side of weather hack (er … sorry … meteorological specialist technician) Laura Tobin.

Indeed, Rinder came prepared with a prop, quickly slapping one of the tools of his trade — a spot of the finest horsehair — squarely on Tobin’s bonce. Undeterred, the ITV professional invited our man from 2 Hare Court to inform an anxious public of what they could expect to find outside their doors.

“It’s going to be terribly cold, terribly wet and thoroughly miserable,” related the prince of daytime legal rulings with a flash of his brilliant smile.

And then without missing the beat, he went on to plug his own ITV effort.

“The only salve to the day,” he told the nation, “will be to watch Judge Rinder at two o’clock, which will cheer you up.”

Watch the full video here.


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