Twitter shock at barrister’s triple ‘C-bomb’

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Is senior junior at 1 Gray’s Inn Square the most foul-mouthed lawyer on Twitter?


There something worryingly liberating about social media — as quite a few wannabe and actual lawyers have found to their cost.

Now Legal Cheek has unearthed perhaps the bolshiest barrister on Twitter: step forward Barbara Hewson of 1 Gray’s Inn Square.


The civil liberties and public law specialist is not afraid to dish it large-style from her keyboard — notably dropping what the Yanks daintily refer to as the “c-bomb” (that’s cunt to you and me) with impunity.

And she targets some big names, not least former IRA golden boy and current deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness. According to a screenshot of a since deleted tweet, Hewson recently e-shouted “grow up you cunt” at the pugnacious Irishman and several others.


In another fit of Twitter pique, Hewson apparently lashed out at several on the social media site with this succinct request: “Get of my tits, you cunts.”


“I have no idea who you are, and couldn’t give a shit — you are an attention seeking cunt,” is an additional screenshotted example of Bab’s finely-honed — albeit slightly Tourette’s-tinged — social media advocacy. She also refers to at least one fellow tweeter as a “semi-moron”.


Hewson was called to the bar in England and Wales in 1985. But she has spread the love, joining the bar in the Irish Republic in 1991 and in Northern Ireland in 2000.

According to her set’s website, Hewson’s 2014 Chambers & Partners Directory entry ranks the barrister as a:

“Leading junior in Court of Protection work, and calls her ‘bright, committed and passionate…her client manner is outstanding.”

Presumably, she either reins in the language during cons or she attracts the type of clients that enjoy being harangued with some of the most robust examples of traditional Anglo-Saxon vernacular.

Of course, there’s always the possibility with The Twitter that Hewson’s account has been hacked, and that she is ironically one of the most softly spoken and demure members of the bar. However, she declined to respond to emails regarding her account and has not clarified that point.

In November 2012, the University of Westminster awarded Hewson an honorary fellowship for services to law. Legal Cheek would like to add to that its own commendation for making the legal profession Twittersphere just that little bit more entertaining.



Hacked? Don’t be ridiculous! Her chambers didn’t think so either you haven’t seen the half of it! poor Babs she just likes a foul mouthed rant at certain times of the night randomly most of the time although she states in one tweet how she likes to ‘stalk’. Shame she deletes tweets in the morning and shame before she does this it’s all evidenced!



They should put her in charge of all the swearing-in and then everyone else could go to the bar while she gets cracking



Wonder if they’re all like that at her chambers. :/





Not Amused

I think it’s important that we:

1) Remember the important role barristers play in being independent voices. Often bravely voicing ideas which are deeply unpopular; and,
2) That we don’t import US cultural sensitivity over swearing

The US simply has an entirely different cultural relationship with swearing (cursing as they call it). Swearing wasn’t invented in England by Chaucer, but it is there (as is cunt) and I note that in Scotland swearing at a policemen is not an offence (it really oughtn’t be in England).

In our tradition it is not a question of a blank prohibition on swearing per se. Everyone swears (except Her Majesty of course). We have traditionally therefore not disciplined or tried to enforce ‘anti-swearing’ by law. This is a very good and welcome thing.

We enforce our ‘anti-swearing’ by moral or societal pressure. This is also a good thing and I note that Ms Hewson deleted the tweets in the morning. Let’s not push this event in to being any bigger than it may otherwise be – every Englishman is perfectly capable of effing and blinding in the pub and then condemning someone else for doing the very same thing he just did, the next morning.



Is it customary to use that kind of language in court?


Not Amused

Was she in court?






When she is.



You’re being a bit of a cunt aren’t you



Stop commenting like a cwnt


William Garrow

Hewson is brilliant. Courageous defender of civil liberties and the rights of the defence at a time when no one else has the balls in the face of the pseudo-progressive puritanical mob. She says it like it is – lay off her.



No she isn’t – if she was brilliant she’d be at Blackstones, Matrix, 11KBW, or with an 85 call, in the Court of Appeal.



She is in the court of appeal


William Garrow

For those you need to be bright and careerist. Plus you are talking bollocks: the youngest LJ of Appeal was called in 1980. Hewson has integrity and courage – more commendable qualities.



Agreed William.


Mr Wyatt's Sexy PA

I cun’t help thinking that if only Aysh Chaudhry had called us all ‘cunts’ instead of ‘kuffar’, how different things might have been.


Not Amused

Yes, it wouldn’t have been racist then.

Unless of course he said “all non-muslims are cunts” in which case I rather fear he might have found himself in the same hot water. Thanks for musing.



Hewson to McGuinness: “grow up you damn kuffar”


Mr Wyatt's Sexy PA

‘You kuffar cunt’ does have a certain ring to it.



There’s no need to use such language. Ironic given the words she uses are derogatory words about women’s bodies. You wouldn’t find Amal using such words in public.



Only in private presumably



Tacitly accepting he says it in private would make him a hypocrite… possibly.



The Waitrose Katie Hopkins.



The swearing is harmless. It’s her campaigns for measures which would assist child rapists that I object to. Why does she suggest victims of child rape are ‘compo chasers, liars and fantasists’.



Coz they’re all about fifty years old maybe?



She’s not the only person clueless about child rape, then. Unless you are Barbara.



Doubt I have the legs for it. The only thing I’ve seen her commenting about is grown-ups seeking recompense for things that allegedly happened thirty or more years ago, so on that basis they must be approaching fifty. I’ve shown you the adult. You show me the child.



“Why does she suggest victims of child rape are ‘compo chasers, liars and fantasists’.”
She’s not. She’s not saying that *victims* are liars but that *liars* are liars, i.e. there are people who are falsely claiming to be victims of child rape in the hope of compensation. Just like there are people who falsely claim to be disabled or claim that their house burned down by accident in the hope of benefits or insurance payouts. Except that with historic abuse claims, it’s much easier to do. The liars and chancers are trying to profit from other people’s suffering and are basically holding the victims hostage because they know that people don’t want to disbelieve them. The question isn’t “why would victims lie?” but “why would liars not lie”? Anyone who has victims’ interests at heart (as opposed to anyone happy to profit from the liars) should support her.



Agree with you, there are a lot of false allegators out there.



Coz some of them undoubtedly are.



Because there is no proof of these crimes – thats why!



Barristers swear, is this really news to you? (You should hear what they call Mr Grayling)

They also visit bathrooms and get drunk at parties…you heard it here first folks!



Aha, so not all barristers are androids! This would have been the perfect test for finding the replicants in Bladerunner: can you swear properly? Do androids dream of electric c*nts?


The Lard Harley

I suspect Bab’s more profane emissions coincide with the 8pm Chianti break…

Yet another sound reason to stay away from Twitter – you think folks are gagging to hear what you think, but they’re not…


Lady Jane

One should not use that sort of language when one is inebriated, one should just take oneself off too bed, alone.



Well, well, well. And this is the person invited by the Blighty falz mimory mob to be their keynote speaker at the 2014 AGM. with the Scientific Advisory board present no less






Peter Gabriel, 1996. Do I get a point?



Laugh out loud ! Legal cheek’s little attempt to discredit Barbara Hewson backfires, as the silent majority speak up, FOR HER !



Rabbitaway, you hardly count as ‘silent majority’ with your endless targeting of Savile’s victims and protests of Jimmy Savile’s innocence. With friends like you….



Swearing might be harmless but doing so in a public forum is not only pathetic and demonstrates a lack of class.



Anyone criticising BH for bad language is a complete c**t.



It is a spectacularly horrid word, you have to admit. I’d be ashamed – as presumably is she when she deletes them all the next morning.
No problem with barristers swearing, of course, but using it on Twitter is almost akin to putting it in your effing online profile.


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