Katy Perry’s lawyers send cease & desist letter to ‘Left Shark’ replica designer

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Global mega star wheels out international law firm to clamp down on internet knock-off Super Bowl sharks


She may have only turned 30 last October, but Katy Perry has travelled a long way from her born-again Christian upbringing in southern California.

Now instead of turning the other cheek when under attack, the global singing sensation reaches for her lawyers. As was the case earlier this week in the wake of the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ star’s turn at last weekend’s American football Super Bowl, which was contested at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona.

Those unfamiliar with one of the most tedious sports ever concocted will need informing that one trick match day organisers employ to liven proceedings is to extend half-time for a major song and dance routine.

Perry got the gig this year, with her turn including a couple of dancing sharks. One of which struggled to keep up with the chorography, creating a predictable social media frenzy once the curtain fell.

In the fall out an enterprising internet designer created a downloadable 3D model of the shark. But that bid to capitalise on the 15 minutes of internet fame has not gone down well with the girl who originally came into this world as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

Perry unleashed her lawyers at US-based international law firm Greenberg Traurig, who have hit the 3D model designer with a cease and desist letter (embedded below), claiming the shark is Perry’s intellectual property.

The Mirror gave City law firm Pinsent Masons a bell to see whether she would have much luck running that IP argument on this side of the Atlantic. The verdict form the firm’s IP head, partner Iain Connor? Possibly.

“The interplay between the copyright protection and design right protection for characters such as this is complex,” Connor said, in what appeared initially to be a standard lawyer fence-sitting position.

But the Pinsent Masons man rallied.

“In short,” he added, “provided the 3D shark is ‘new’ in the sense that it is original and ‘creates a different overall impression’ over previous designs for sharks, it will get protection.”

That will be a relief to the girl who last year was reportedly worth $44 million (£29 million). By the way, Boston-based New England Patriots edged the Seattle Seahawks in a tightly contested match, 28 points to 24. As far as Legal Cheek is aware, the result is not subject to legal action.