Barristers and clerks left stunned as Tom Cruise walks into a London chambers

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By Judge John Hack on

Scientologist and actor swoops dramatically into the Temple on a mystery assignment


Leading Scientologist Tom Cruise was spotted today not just perambulating through the streets of London Town, but wandering around the corridors of leading public law and human rights barristers’ chambers One Crown Office Row.

Just what brought the follower of 1950s science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard to the Temple is unknown. But Cruise — who has also appeared in several Hollywood films — appears to be taking a keen interest in something attached to the chambers’ ceiling.


The set’s clerk, John McLaren, tweeted the images this afternoon. And if a report yesterday in the Mail Online is anything to go by, it appears that Cruise is in town to shoot the fifth instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise. That might explain the woolly hat.

Speculation is now rife that the villain of the piece will be a civil liberties silk gone bad. Or perhaps mission impossible is pure and simple a statement on the future of the bar itself.

Images via @John_at_1COR and @tellytully