Saga telly advert creates a world where everyone speaks like lawyers – and it’s not pretty

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By Judge John Hack on

Alternative business structure giant pitches for grey pound legal services market in major threat to traditional high street law firms


Saga is one of those “new entrants” — or perhaps in this case “old entrants” — crashing into the high street legal market that causes traditional solicitors to fulminate and turn a deeper shade of puce.

The £1.3 billion revenue business picked up an alternative business licence a little more than a year ago. And while conventional general practice firms might have hoped Saga would quietly hang the certificate on the wall and go back to organising holidays for the over-50s, they should brace themselves for a nasty shock.

The company is launching a television and radio advertising campaign for its legal services, specifically targeting high street staples such as wills, probate, conveyancing and power of attorney, which must be a particular favourite of the more elderly Saga members.

The telly version features stalwart actor Michael Fenton Stevens — who had a run-out on Radio 4’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — as a typical Saga member strolling into his local for a pint.


The problem is, he lives in an irritating world in which everyone “talks like a lawyer”. In the minds of the advertising clever-dicks, that means barmaids asking:

“Fifty-six point eight centilitres of one’s habitual hop-based beverage?” along with pub notices advertising: “Tonite is inquisition evening — round-based question and answer format.”


The core message is that traditional solicitors over-complicate matters while Saga Legal Services “like to keep things straightforward”. Purrs Fenton Stevens:

“They won’t bombard you with jargon — and their fees are fixed in advance. Plus you can call Saga seven days a week.”

Try ‘phoning Blogs & Co on a Saturday, he might as well say — the senior partner will be on the back nine as sure as eggs is eggs.