Video: ghost poleaxes woman in law firm reception

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By Judge John Hack on

Take care the next time you’re waiting for a lift at any law firm in the Chilean capital of Santiago


It should come as no surprise that ghosts by the dozens populate law firm corridors — lawyer spirits must have plenty of regrets causing them to jangle around their old haunts in a purgatory of remorse.

But a video (below) currently doing the social media rounds provides a dramatic illustration of the dangers ghosts present to ordinary law firm employees and clients.

34 year-old Cecilia Carrasco was innocently walking past the reception desk of a law firm in the capital of Chile, Santiago. Standing by the lift doors, she is suddenly poleaxed by what can only be assumed is one malevolent spectre.

According to the Above the Law, Carrasco was then rushed to hospital, where she remained for three days with a head injury.

But Legal Cheek speculates that the attack wasn’t committed by lawyer ectoplasm at all.

Instead we suggest the spirit of former dictator — and chum of Margaret Thatcher — General Augusto Pinochet was knocking about with little else to do than cause a fuss at a law firm. Let’s face it — Pinochet was never that keen on the rule of law in any event.