8 reasons why law students make the best housemates

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By Alex Aldridge on

Contrary to a recent report, wannabe solicitors and barristers are wonderful to live with

In its latest hatchet job on future members of the legal profession, The Tab has published an article claiming that law students “are the worst people to live with”.

This is so, argues the Liverpool branch of the student newspaper franchise, because lawyers-to-be are always working, ruining their availability for nights out and making them stressed and grouchy.

Law students’ commitment to the grind is such, insists the author of the piece, Nicola Gwyer, that they rarely go out and so are “probably definitely the kind of people that wee in their dorm sink”.

Harsh words, which, naturally, fly in the face of our experience. Here’s why law students are, in fact, the best people to live with …

1. Law students won’t steal your food

Because they know how serious the consequences are.


2. The books law students leave around the house are actually very useful

Practitioner texts can save thousands of pounds in gym membership.

Why we love our white book law books torture !!! #bptc @nicholasleong

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3. Law students are unlikely to be called Tarquin and bore you about their gap yah

Law has among the lowest proportion of privately educated students of any degree subject.


4. Law students prevent the binge-watching of TV

The constant comments criticising the accuracy of legal dramas may irritate, but at least the barrage gets arts students off the sofa. They’ll thank you for it one day.


5. Law students will shower you with freebies

From pens to post-it notes, and everything in between (including iPhone speakers and jelly beans), the fruits of law firms’ bid to wow future trainees are an endless bounty to housemates.


6. Law students are able to come out partying and still attend that 9am lecture — and then clean the kitchen

A huge workload quickly leads to the development of superhuman stamina. You want these people on your side.


7. Law students can mediate when you’re drunk and start arguing with bouncers

Who else provides dispute resolution expertise for free?


8. Law students get you your deposit back

Perhaps most importantly of all, living with a law student means that you’ll literally have your own in-house lawyer when that rogue landlord attempts to keep your deposit.