Celestial gods snub legal London – City lawyers miss out on eclipse fun

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By Judge John Hack on

Eclipse? What eclipse? That was the disappointed chorus from the heart of the legal profession planet; but Faroese lawyers were laughing


Britons across the country morphed into amateur astronomers this morning and went a bit bonkers over a once-in-a-generation chance to catch sight of a near-as-dammit full solar eclipse.

All Britons, that is, apart from legal London, where the sentiment was bemused sarcasm all round.

This photograph — posted on the Inner Temple Library’s Facebook page — illustrates that the Inns of Court looked pretty much like they always do on a late March morning: cloudy grey (although some of the flasher QC motors seem to have been cropped out of the image).

Well, the PR and communications team at the Holborn HQ of transatlantic giant Hogan Lovells gave it a pop. They tweeted this dramatic shot of themselves as gazing into the overcast sky from their 12th floor balcony.

While the celestial gods failed to smile on legal London, lawyers in the Faroe Islands capital of Tórshavn had a much more meaningful experience of the eclipse.

A spokeswoman for leading local firm Advokatfelagið við Strond — a nine-lawyer operation practising just about every area of law imaginable — confirmed to Legal Cheek that at 9.41 this morning “spectacular views of the eclipse” were visible from the steps in front of the firm’s offices.

“Many of our lawyers took the opportunity to go outside and photograph the event,” said the spokeswoman, who confirmed that the eclipse was jolly well impressive, indeed.

So put that in your telescopes and … er … smoke it, HogLovs.

Next time, that comms team should organise flights for partners and staff to the former Danish colony. Note for diaries: next time is scheduled for August 2026.