Under siege bar students build fort out of Archbolds

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By Judge John Hack on

A pile of 2013 crime law bibles finally comes in handy as two wannabe barristers make sensible use of their time in run-up to a key qualification staging post


Those crazy kids at the Holborn branch of BPP Law School in London have fashioned a Lego-style fort from two-year-old copies of the criminal law advocate’s bible.

Harking back to their “Swallows and Amazon” days of childhood, two wannabe barristers eased the tension of cramming for an ethics exam by crafting the type of structure in which a six-year-old could spend days hiding from parents and teachers.

For bricks and mortar they have employed a large pile of 2013 copies of “Archbold Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice” … of course. They have also taken care to design what appears to be an arrow loop, clearly in anticipation of attack by fellow students or lecturers.


The anonymous Bar Professional Training Course students maintained that neither is that keen on construction law, although they credited youthful addictions to the Danish toy phenomenon for providing a solid grounding in working with building blocks.

Sadly, killjoy officials at BPP have since dismantled the fort, which had been situated in pride of place in the student common room.


Its architects suspect the demolition mob did their dirty work overnight because, as one told Legal Cheek:

“I left at five o’clock in the evening and came straight in at nine the following morning. And it was gone”.

BPP’s brutal planning decision, said one of the fort’s designers, “has greatly saddened the student cohort”.

There was no word on whether the fort’s dramatic demise had an impact on ethics exam results.