City lawyer parliamentary candidate battles claims he over-egged experience at Clifford Chance

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Tory safe seat man in bid to refute allegations that his claim to have headed a magic circle department is a big fat exaggeration


A solicitor and Conservative Party parliamentary candidate is battling to fight off allegations that he falsely claimed to have been a department head at a magic circle practice.

Media reports today suggested that Alan Mak — the general election candidate in the safe Tory constituency of Havant in Hampshire — inaccurately boasted on his CV that he was a “department head” at global practice Clifford Chance.

On his leaked CV (pictured below) — which was first picked up by website Political Scrapbook — Mak described CC as the “world’s biggest law firm”, where he had been a department head. He also claimed that he had been awarded the title of “young City lawyer of the year” before the age of 30.


Reports have maintained that Mak was never promoted to Clifford Chance’s partnership. And as an associate he was never in charge of a department or practice group.

But Mak has told Legal Cheek exclusively that he spent seven years at the firm during which time he was in a crucial mid-tier management position.

“My roles at the firm included heading up the UK department of a Europe-wide practice group,” he said, “which I made clear during the selection process for Havant. Not all local departments are run by partners, and my successor in that role now is also not a partner. I have never claimed to be a partner of Clifford Chance or any other law firm.”

Mak went on to say he was “a founding member” of the Clifford Chance Foundation, a pro bono initiative launched in 2008.

“My work included assessing applications for grants,” he said.

Mak — who read law at Cambridge — was admitted as a solicitor in February 2009. According to Law Society records, he specialised in financial services, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, banking and general commercial work.

His CV also stated that Mak was “used to dealing with ministers, civil servants, and speaking up for others”.

Mak rallied support from local Tory activists in his defence. Havant Conservative Party chairman Mike Fairhurst went into bat, saying:

“Nobody in the constituency party ever assumed that Alan was, or had been, a partner at any law firm. He has never claimed to be a partner, and his CV does not imply that. If he had been a partner, I am sure he would have said so clearly. He was selected on his all-round ability, and we are very happy that he is our candidate.”

Clifford Chance declined to comment on any aspect of Mak’s former employment with the firm.



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Uncle Solicitor

My time in Cathay has led me to believe that this very type of behaviour is commonplace among its people, although persons undertaking this type of behavior may be of any background or from any place. However, after eating what I thought to be “food” in Cathay, I realised that if they were going to be dishonest about their “food”, they would have little hesitation being dishonest about other matters, and Mr Mak may well have proven this very point, which is unfortunate as it leads to stereotypes being reinforced, which is unfair, and in fact, is not really allowed at all.


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“World’s biggest law firm”

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“Used to dealing with ministers, civil servants & speaking up for others” <== what kind of nonsense sentence is that?! Clearly doing law at Cambridge doesn't guarantee that one can write in coherent sentences…


Call of Dawah

You Western hypocrites. He is merely exercising his Freedom of Expression.


Gagarin's boot

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I have never seen Blacker and Mak in the same room. QED – Blacker is Mak in disguise (or the other way around).
Either way, do the good people of Havant know what they are letting themselves in for…?



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Perhaps, but Mak grew up in a shoe box in the middle of the road and had to eat gravel for dinner – that’s how hard it he had it. Blacker on the other hand has a Rolls, medals and has his own train (albeit a miniature one).
Mak is the more authentic working class hero. Blacker is perhaps more of a champagne socialist. I’d vote for Blacker.
Although – this is all a moot point, as the two personae are perhaps the same person. A sort of Jekyll and Hyde type scenario.



That’s nothing. I grew up in a factory and had to heave coal from the age of three. My poor Ma almost aborted me until she realised what a loss it would be to the intellectual and cultural life of the country. For years at the Bar, I had to survive on tupenny briefs and only had change for a Greggs sandwich and a bottle of fizzy pop. Often I would have to walk home, while the cars splashed me from the puddles and the bus drivers and old grannies cackled with delight.

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Political Scrapbook are having a field day with this guy.



From his website: “Law at Peterhouse, Cambridge University and winning the prestigious ECS Wade Prize for Administrative Law, before completing a post-graduate law & business diploma in Oxford, where I was a runner-up for the Oxford Leadership Prize.”

The latter is an interesting way to describe the LPC at Oxford Institute of Legal Practice.


Uncle Solicitor

Clearly a man who finds triumph in vague statements invoking thoughts of prestige over reality.

Only a person attempting to be direct with Mr Mak would term this “dishonesty”, and perhaps such a person would be correct.



I did the LPC with him. He was awful then (and slightly notorious for being awful and self-promoting and only bothered about being civil to people who could help him get on).



I once saw him at a bus stop. He was awful then (and slightly notorious for the awful way he got on and off buses and he only bothered about being civil to people who would help him on the bus).

I also knew his uncle’s best friend’s aunt’s flat mate, and she was awful too. Just awful.


snowball qc

Aspiring to be a tory MP is bad enough but still not as bad as sewing medals onto your solicitor advocate gowns. If this chap really wanted to help people then he should ditch politics and join his nearest legal aid law practice – do that for a couple of years and then come to politics. I just don’t think we need anymore city lawyers in parliament.


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