Former watchdog tells legal execs to battle traditional lawyers for top judicial posts

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Controversial plea from the ex-chairwoman of Bar Standards Board is bound agitate current barrister and solicitor leaders


Legal executives should lead a “rebellion” against the last government’s legal aid cuts as well as compete with barristers for top judicial posts — implored the former chief bar regulator yesterday.

In a speech that will ruffle feathers at the Bar Council and the Law Society, Lady Deech — who was chairwoman of the Bar Standards Board for six years until the beginning of 2015 — told legal executives that they are “at the cutting edge” of the a multifaceted profession.

Deech — an academic, who read law at St Anne’s College, Oxford — called on legal executives to challenge the two traditional branches of the legal profession for top slots on the bench.

“If chartered legal executives continue the progress they have so strikingly made in the last decades,” she told a meeting of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), “you may be the ones rising to the judiciary and keeping it representative of the population.”

A leading barrister member of the bench backed Deech’s views. High Court judge Nicola Davies called on legal executives to apply for judicial appointments:

“I would like to offer my thanks to CILEx for the work they have done in supporting the judiciary in … our quest for greater diversity. CILEx has been a real force for good …”

Deech went on to tell the legal executives that they “are at the cutting edge of an ancient and proud profession”. The former regulator cited CILEx’s emphasis on diversity as crucial.

“You represent social mobility because of your different backgrounds and non-traditional entries into the profession,” she said. “All of this diversity amounts to the raising of the flag of rebellion to the Lord Chancellor. His cuts might have had the effect of deterring many graduates from taking on family and criminal work, because there is no legal aid and no way to earn a modest living in order to pay off their student debt.”



Seems she’s living in cloud cuckoo land!



You’re an arrogant idiot.



It’s a pity she didn’t see the need to increase diversity to the Bar by making some actual reforms while Chairwoman of the BSB instead of a review followed by a review! It’s not like it can’t be done the SRA and Law Society have shown that!


Not Amused

Idealogical weirdo. She is a vain and delusional non-entity who should go back to blogging about how frustrating she finds it to not get special treatment at the ivy.

I note there was no mention of her catalogue of incompetence while at the BSB … A generation of children’s lives destroyed so she can pounce around with stupid and unearned titles. I find Alan Blacker more appealing.



That was quite nasty.


Not Amused

Oh and Nicola Davies – yet another judge who voluntarily adopts the trendy political stance in the hope of promotion.

Adopting the civil service ‘transparent’ appointment system has destroyed any prerence of judicial independence – she’ll be blogging about how lawyers fees are too high next. Just like the rest of the economically illiterate millionaires desperate to bag another spot on the greasy pole.



Perhaps I’ve missed the point here but what on earth does being “diverse” have to do with fighting Grayling? Can’t we all and shouldn’t we all be fighting his cuts?!



Come on… we all know that you wouldn’t trust a legal exec with a claim form, never mind a judicial post.



You’re an even bigger idiot.



Anonymous keyboard warrior strikes again. Why don’t you air your view publically with a visible identity if you feel so strongly? No? Thought not.


David Starkers

Time and time again in History we see the dumbing down of society as the key note moment when tyrants take over and stuff happens we don’t like. That’s the dark ages. Doubtless spawned by the use of water carries to shoe horses, while letting the black smiths go unnoticed.


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