The lamps went out all over legal London today

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Power cut brings chaos to lawyer-land, but several brave souls manage to get down the pub


Lawyer implacability was superbly highlighted on Twitter this afternoon, as an electrical fire in London’s legal heartland forced the evacuation of thousands of offices workers.

This image of lawyers stoically enduring the evacuation while supping several glasses of plonk at renowned legal watering hole Daly’s Wine Bar was leading the way on the social media site.

The criminal law specialist tweeter focused on the “screaming hysteria”, clearly evidenced by the fact that the drinkers all remained on their feet.

It is thought that the offices of both the Law Society and the Bar Council were affected as neither returned calls. (However, some speculated that was simply business as usual for the two professional bodies.)

Meanwhile, the London Fire Brigade reported that crews rushed to an electrical fire among cables under the pavement on Kingsway in Holborn.

The alarm was raised after smoke was seen coming out of an inspection cover on the pavement, resulting in more than 2,000 workers being evacuated from nearby buildings owing to billowing bursts of thick black smoke.

Six fire engines and 35 fire-fighters and officers piled in to save the lawyers … and others.