10 exam struggles that only a law student will understand

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By Liz Wong on

Should have done a geography degree

1. Cases begin to blur into each other — and into other stuff

In the case of Clooney Silver Fox Farm v Alan Partridge & Crittenden …


2. Concepts also unite

I think I just accepted the offer an easement …


3. The living and breathing nature of the law starts to work against you

“This amendment is not examinable material, but however it is good to know for the purpose of your exams,” said your tutor …


4. You have developed immunity to caffeine

Coffee has taken you this far, but now you just don’t care anymore.


5. The profession you aspire to join seems to be crumbling

The legal news headlines of 2015 haven’t been very encouraging.


6. You have no reserves of mental resilience left to call upon

They were used up months ago. Your arts student friends, who have lounged around all year and entered the exam period feeling fresh, don’t understand this. Which is why you have resorted to imaginary friends: they always listen, and they’re great company when you quietly recite case names to them.


7. Physically you’re under enormous strain

Lugging around Gravells’ Land Law, Archbold and other assorted legal tomes has worn out your back, your thumb has a massive callus, you may have tendonitis and you don’t even know what day or time it is.


8. You are haunted by surreal dreams

Last night I dreamt that Lord Denning and the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 were chasing me down Shoe Lane.


9. You blew all your money on highlighters

Your grande caramel macchiato fund went towards more stationery after the law fair freebies ran out in February. Plus you’re on a money diet in advance of the LPC.


10. There is no light at the end of the tunnel

And at the end of exams there’s, er, more work and stress to look forward to. So it’s onto either vac schemes, or no vacation schemes and months of despair worrying why you didn’t get a vac scheme and what the hell you’ll do with your life.