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6 lessons learnt from Legally Blonde

What would Elle Woods do?

May 22 2024 8:42am

Law students share their true motivations for pursuing legal careers

From protecting rights to cold hard cash

Apr 30 2024 7:45am

Law students reveal their biggest gripes about… other law students

God complexes, gatekeeping and more

Apr 19 2024 9:03am

5 types of law students – Stanley cup edition

Make yourself a Harvey Spectacle

Apr 10 2024 8:46am
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How can the SQE be improved?

Legal Cheek readers call for cheaper fees, better exam rooms, past papers and more

Mar 27 2024 8:48am

The key differences between law school and legal practice – a trainee solicitor’s perspective

From lectures to law firms, Grace Makungu details her experiences

Mar 20 2024 8:51am

What acting out legal cases on TikTok has taught me about the potential of social media

Annabel Field, a graduate in history and currently pursuing her PGDL studies, shares her thoughts

Mar 11 2024 8:51am

9 influential women lawyers who shaped the legal industry

Recognising achievements on International Women's Day

Mar 8 2024 10:13am

The must-follow lawfluencers for 2024

Spice up your feed with these social media pros 🔥

Mar 6 2024 7:41am

What to expect on a vacation scheme

Legal Cheek explains...

Mar 6 2024 7:41am

What to expect as a paralegal

Legal Cheek explains...

Feb 29 2024 9:10am

Law students as dating apps

Tinder Studier, Hinge Highlighter, Bumble Bee and more

Feb 14 2024 7:50am

Why you probably shouldn’t date a law student

From losing arguments to dealing with their superiority complex -- the reasons are many

Feb 14 2024 7:49am

New Year’s resolutions: a law student’s POV

Law school success through self-improvement

Jan 2 2024 7:50am

Legal Cheek’s most read stories of 2023

Mega-mergers, law firm collapses, TikToking lawyers and more

Dec 28 2023 8:31am

If law modules were Christmas dinner foods…

They have more in common than you think

Dec 22 2023 8:01am

Christmas gifts for law lovers

’Tis the season for Christmas rizz

Dec 21 2023 7:41am

A round-up of the best legal Xmas trees

Who has the best baubles and top tinsel? 🎄

Dec 20 2023 8:02am