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If law modules were Star Wars films

May the force (majeure) be with you…

6 days ago

Can you be a good lawyer if you’re not a good person?

Ethics takes centre stage at IBA conference in Paris

Nov 3 2023 8:12am

Black History Month: ‘Saluting our Sisters’ in law

Meet the pioneering Black women lawyers creating a more inclusive and equitable profession

Oct 26 2023 8:13am

If law modules were your favourite apps

Christianah Omobosola Babajide looks at the surprising similarities

Oct 3 2023 8:07am

Meet the #Dayinthelife TikTokin’ lawyers

Legal profession 🤝 social media trend

Sep 28 2023 8:05am

Why the legal community are losing their minds over Barbie

Christianah Omobosola Babajide explains why the movie and the profession have more in common than meets the eye *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

Aug 4 2023 9:09am

Cycling City lawyer quits US firm for 14,000km ride from Canada to Argentina

From grizzly bears to wildfires, former Akin associate Nick Avis tells Legal Cheek what it's like to leave your high-paying job to embark on the adventure of a lifetime

Jul 17 2023 8:03am

Meet the future trainee solicitor hoping to make law firms more Muslim-friendly

From making ablution in sinks to makeshift prayer rooms, Waqas Hussain, founder of the Muslim Employment Charter, tells us about his ambitions for the future law firm

Jul 11 2023 9:13am

5 ways Love Island is like the criminal justice system

They share more than meets the eye, writes Christianah Omobosola Babajide

Jul 4 2023 9:24am

From the law to the lawn

The most famous tennis tournament in the world starts today; but did you know the first lawn tennis club was started by a solicitor?

Jul 3 2023 8:50am

Meet the family lawyer turned fashion designer

Violetta Onishchenko swapped mediation for macramé, and tells Legal Cheek about leaving the law to pursue her dream

Jun 27 2023 9:13am

Aspiring barrister tells how sister’s med neg battle inspired legal career

Febienne Green seeks to help society’s most vulnerable

May 26 2023 10:30am

Law firm leaders on what more can be done to protect junior lawyer wellbeing

Top brass shine a light on workplace wellness and offer their tips this Mental Health Awareness Week

May 18 2023 6:41am

Legal Cheek’s most viral ‘LawToks’

A look back at some our most popular content as we celebrate reaching 20k followers

Apr 18 2023 11:02am
news SQE Hub

‘Very hard, but doable’: Legal Cheek readers have their say on the SQE

Aspiring lawyers share first-hand experiences of new centralised assessment amid concerns over difficulty and pass rates

Apr 12 2023 9:15am

The Apprentice legal contestants: where are they now?

As court advocate Marnie Swindells reaches the final, we take a look at what the show's previous legally-minded contestants are up to

Mar 20 2023 9:15am

9 heart-breaking moments as a law student

It’s not all chocolates and roses on Valentine's Day; especially for aspiring lawyers

Feb 14 2023 8:52am

10 memes that accurately capture the pain of TC application season

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour…

Jan 24 2023 10:34am

Love Island legal contestants: where are they now?

With Love Island returning to our screens tonight, Legal Cheek looks back to the previous legally-minded contestants to see where they are now

Jan 16 2023 12:15pm