Adventures in junior lawyer advertising: The Texas Law Hawk is back

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Is grabbing fish from a river with your bare hands a good way to build a legal practice? Possibly …


Cast your mind back to October of last year and some readers may recall US attorney Bryan Wilson — aka the Law Hawk. His crazy self-promotion via YouTube led to internet stardom.

For those unfamiliar, an advert starring Wilson went viral last year — because, unlike most legal promotional videos, it included yelling, explosions and failed stick-breaking. All major pluses as far as Legal Cheek is concerned.

Well it appears that the Texas-based attorney has raised the bar once again — with his latest Law Hawk instalment.

The advert — that has already received over 12,000 views since it was posted on YouTube early last week — starts in somewhat subdued form for those familiar with the Hawk’s work.

However, it’s not long before crazy is cranked up and Wilson can be found grabbing fish from a river with his bare hands talons of justice.

He then proceeds to smash through a door and tackle a police officer while holding a puppy.

But towards the end — in a rare uncontrolled moment for The Hawk — he breaks character, unable to keep a straight face.

Bring on part three we say! More details about Wilson can be found on his website,

You can watch the advert in full below:


Lawyer + Hawk = The Law Hawk [Legal Cheek]


Ollie Trumpington

He better be careful doing that stuff round Texas – some crazy mofo may draw a pistol on him!


Gagarin's boot

This is why I adore America, and Texas in particular. Proudest people in the world, even when everyone else is shaking their head.


Gagarin's boot

Two dislikes eh? Must have been the Hawk himself and his trusty chums no doubt!


Bryan Wilson

Thanks for writing this and sharing the video! I really appreciate it. And no Mr. Boot, I actually appreciated that comment!


Denning LJ

If this really is you commenting and you’ll get to read this Bryan, I salute you! Definitely the most entertaining and enterprising advert for legal services out there – I wish you all the best in conquering the Fort Worth market and beyond.


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