City law firm partner at the heart of Westminster affair shocker

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Bercow v Bercow was the unexpected result from last week’s general election as Stephenson Harwood man allegedly falls for charms of speaker’s wife


The latest unlikely legal profession Romeo has been revealed as commercial litigation partner Alan Bercow of City-based shipping specialist practice Stephenson Harwood.

He allegedly features in a torrid tale of high-powered bed-hopping behind the back of his cousin, House of Commons Speaker John Bercow.

Alan was at the centre of a media storm over the weekend, when first the Daily Mail and then much of the rest of Fleet Street reported that he had engaged in pre-election hanky-panky with Sally Bercow, his cousin’s wife.

Both Sally and Alan’s own wife — also reported to be a lawyer — are said to have confirmed the affair. It is understood that Alan and Sally cuddled up on the sofa in the latter’s Battersea, south-west London gaff to watch Newsnight election coverage.

All while John — who remained in House of Commons digs — was slogging around his constituency in Buckingham, bidding to keep his seat. It may be cold comfort relative to the personal trauma in his family life, but John increased his majority by 17%, pushing the UKIP candidate to a distant second place.

Sally achieved yet more notoriety two years ago — in what has been a fairly notorious time at Westminster — when the late Lord McAlpine sued her over an “innocent face” tweet following unfounded suggestions that he had been involved in the sexual abuse of children.

Meanwhile, 57-year-old Alan is now reported to have given Sally the boot and returned to his wife.

Having qualified in 1983, Keele University graduate Alan Bercow has worked his way up to the higher echelons of the law and is now promoted by the old-school firm as being a leader in civil fraud cases, co-heading the firm’s fraud and asset tracing group.


According to the Stephenson Harwood website, Alan Bercow “has extensive experience of high value, complex international fraud cases”. It adds:

“He was a lead partner on the litigation between BTA Bank and Mukhtar Ablyazov and has recently acted on a six-week fraud trial in the High Court by the liquidators of a hedge fund against its former directors. He is particularly experienced in obtaining and defending interim injunctions, including world-wide freezing injunctions, disclosure orders, anti-suit injunctions and gagging orders”.

Clearly, Alan will be wishing he could have picked up one of those footballer-style gagging orders — aka, super injunctions — before the tabloid reptiles came calling.


Obvious but true

I have always thought that Sally Bercow was a bit of a goer.


John Thomas

Goer as in goes with anyone?


Not Amused

I like the fact that modern politics has really moved on from this sort of smut. I am old enough to remember the turbulent sex scandals of the past and I can honestly say that with time and reflection – they really didn’t matter.

A lot of self serving pretend do-gooders saying “oh it impacts how they do their job”. But that’s just nonsense, I don’t think it made the slightest difference, I just think some people enjoy turning over other people’s private lives for titillation. I think it is better if we but out. Leave all the parties be. I have been cheated on in the past and it was extremely painful – but thank god it was private. I still don’t like John Bercow for how he behaves in the HoC – but I do not think this sort of muck raking is acceptable and I do feel sorry for him. Leave the poor man alone.

Let’s try to make the future of politics more about policies and less about private lives. There are no saints in the world: only humans, trying to get by.



Um, people are not usually concerned about the performance of the innocent parties in their jobs, but rather about what such matters say about the character of the guilty parties.



Disagree. Most people cheat for a deeper underlying reason – i.e. not just simply to fill their boots because they can. Therefore both parties are judged.

But I agree wholeheartedly with NA’s post – the affair is irrelevant and the media shouldn’t be reporting on it.



Good result for the lad.

She is a guilty pleasure. Ding dong!



Well I suppose one could reasonably describe adultery as a form of civil fraud, so at least his job description stands up to examination.



Two ugly old people having an affair? Who cares?!


Alan Clough

I would ……………


Stevie G

In the absence of the ghastly old bag AKA his wife, perhaps John Bercow might revert to the Conservative he once was as opposed to the crypto-Socialist that Sally Old Cow has turned him into


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