City lawyer posts Adele-inspired ode to land law on YouTube

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By Alex Aldridge on

Charles Russell Speechlys partner celebrates lease enfranchisement through song with cover of ‘Make You Feel My Love’


It can take a while to grasp land law, but once mastered lawyers’ love for the notoriously tricky subject tends to burn strong.

A case in point is Charles Russell Speechlys partner Andrew Slatter, whose passion for leases is such that he has been driven to record a song about them.

‘Enfranchisement Sublime’ is an ode to lease enfranchisement set to the tune of Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’.

It begins:

When your lease is running really short,
Wondrin’ what kind of flat you bought,
That’s the time we can help you through,
…with section 42.

Before continuing:

Right to Manage, ’67 Act claim?
Landlord? Tenant?
We can play your game,
Putting a Collective through?
We do that too.

Reflecting on the track, Slatter told legal blog RollOnFriday that it was “inevitable that the passion and commitment of the firm to Enfranchisement would eventually find its expression in song”.

He went on to reveal that the number was penned “late at night on a deserted wet and windswept platform, just out of the office and the drafting of a particularly challenging Section 42 Notice”.