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High Court ruling

May 28 2024 8:44am

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May 21 2021 12:44pm

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Apr 28 2017 1:08pm

Property lawyer fined £10,000 for renting out house with ‘kitchen in the garden shed’

She told the court a tenant built the illegal extension without her knowledge

Apr 25 2017 1:44pm

Bristol law student who illegally sublet her council house convicted of fraud

Judge adjourned punishment so she could finish final year exams

Aug 11 2016 1:46pm

Exam cock-up sees Bristol land law paper accidentally uploaded online and left there for SEVEN hours

Undergrads left angry as staff scramble to draft new paper in time for May exam

May 17 2016 10:07am

It’s time to move away from trusts principles and towards proprietary estoppel in acquisition cases

Co-habiting couples are on the up, and they need property rights too

Feb 15 2016 12:04pm

City lawyer posts Adele-inspired ode to land law on YouTube

Charles Russell Speechlys partner celebrates lease enfranchisement with cover of 'Make You Feel My Love'

May 29 2015 9:48am