Cambridge law student seeks to track down Pride barrister so he can make work experience plea

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By Alex Aldridge on

Bar hopeful is offering cake in return for information leading to identification of mystery lawyer


A first year law student at the University of Cambridge is looking to identify a barrister who he approached at Pride in London in a bid to land a mini-pupillage.

Allan Hennessy (pictured with the mystery Pride barrister) almost clinched the work experience deal during Saturday’s march but the lawyer didn’t have a business card on him and disappeared into the Trafalgar Square throng.


But the Fitzwilliam College legal hopeful — who recently scored the top mark in his year for constitutional law — is determined not to let that be the end of it. So he contacted Legal Cheek over the weekend.

Building on the emerging wannabe barrister convention of gifting baked goods to further career ambitions, Hennessy is offering a cake to anyone who provides information that leads to the successful identification of the mystery Pride barrister.

This morning, he told Legal Cheek:

“I have already done short work experience placements at Erskine Chambers, Enterprise and 11 South Square. But this was before I started university, and I’m very keen to do a proper mini-pupillage.”