Frankie Boyle compares Michael Gove to a ‘tree frog trying to escape from a scrotum’

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By Thomas Connelly on

Comedian goes on the offensive against new Lord Chancellor


Glaswegian comic Frankie Boyle is well known for his sharp tongue — and recently-installed Lord Chancellor Michael Gove is his latest victim.

In a blog on The Guardian newspaper’s website — titled “What if David Cameron is an evil genius?” — the controversial comedian described Gove as “looking like a tree frog trying to escape from a scrotum”.

The post — which appeared this morning — continued by comparing Chris Grayling’s successor to Batman’s caped companion, Robin.

“I’ve always thought that Batman hired Robin simply to draw fire: throwing a teenage boy a bright yellow cape and telling him to run through a darkened warehouse full of goons. There seems to be little difference in getting Michael Gove to dress up in a bib and plus fours and throwing him into a roomful of barristers.”

Clearly unhappy with Gove’s appointment the outspoken Scot described it as “somewhere between a sardonic trolling of the judiciary and simple misdirection”.

Continuing his rant, Boyle warned against Gove and the possible introduction of a ‘Bill of Rights’.

Comparing the possibility to Mel Brook’s 1967 film, The Producers, in which the characters attempt to make a quick buck by swindling investors into staging the world’s worst musical, Boyle goes on:

“It will be a Producers-style clusterfuck that draws attention away from all the real business of the government”.

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Frankie.


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